Mission Work is being carried out by the Diocese through the following ministries for the welfare of society without any discrimination of caste, color or creed.

Educational, Technical & Vocational Training Centres:

The Church in India has played an important role in the field of education. The educational and the technical institutions were first started by the missionaries who came to India in the eighteenth century with a vision to educate and train the people living in that particular area so that they would self-dependent and lead a respectful life. Formerly the educational institutions of the churches were managed by the Management Committees /Diocesan Executive or Administrative Committees. Finding need to frame equal policy and rules for the management of all the educational institutions under the Diocese a society called " CSI Karnataka Southern Diocese Education Society" was set up and registered under Registration Act 1960 on 6th May 1974. All the schools, colleges under the Diocese are now managed by the correspondents and Management Committees appointed by this Society and approved by the Diocesan Executive Committee. The technical and the vocational institutions are managed by the respective institution to which they are attached.

The following is the present status of the Educational, Technical &Vocational Institutions of our Diocese:

Details No. of institutions No. of teachers No. of students
Junior Colleges 3 23 385
High Schools 6 74 2023
Primary & Nursing Schools 43+30 298 12,703
Technical institutions 1 2 12
Vocational institutions 10 35 350

Child Care Ministry:

Child Care Ministry is being carried out through the Boarding Homes & Hostels Committee(for management of Boarding Homes; Special Homes; and Hostels) and the Creche Committee(for management of Day Care Centres and Community Based Programmes)

Boarding Homes and Hostels:

The Residential Child Care Program in India has its roots right from the early times when the enlightened Gurus imparted knowledge and spirituality to pupils in gurus homes. This program lent itself to the times to undergo several modifications on order to suit the needs of the day. Early missionaries in India found this system absolutely relevant to the Indian situation and particularly to educate the socially and economically deprived community children who were denied instruction knowledge and participation for ages due to the calculated oppression of upper caste elements. The Churches after independence retained this system of residential Childcare to promote leadership and professional growth of the children and their meaningful participation in the church and the society. This wing is also engaged in special care for the disabled (Mentally challenged, Physically challenged, etc.)
See the List of Boarding Homes and Special Homes managed by the Diocese


The Day Care Centres which are well known as Creches, are homes away from homes to the little ones, who are deprived of their happy childhood in their houses, due to the absence of their parents. This has its roots in Frankfurt Germany where by the end of 1959, an organization named KINDERNOTHILFE was formed and later also extended its mission to India.
See the list of Day Care Centres

Healing Ministry:

Healing ministry is an important part of the Church . In the life of our lord Jesus Christ also, healing had a very important role. The Diocese is giving good attention to this area and providing all possible help and support.
The Diocesan Medical Committee is an advisory body as a link between the three Diocesan Hospitals and the Diocese. The following are the three hospitals that are managed by our Diocese:

Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore:

This hospital in the beautiful city of Mysore, has 320 beds with modern facilities for diagnosis & treatment. This is a general hospital with a busy Outpatient's Department and inpatient facility. The hospital was started in the year 1906 by the Rev. George Sawday and Rev. Holdsworth and met the dire needs of the people when there was not much medical assistance available in the area. The hospital has got an active Community Health Department catering to the needs of the rural people around. Two training programmes, a General Nursing Course with an intake of 35 students and a Laboratory Technicians Course with 6 students every year - are being run by the Hospital. Both these courses are accredited to the Christian Medical Association of India.

Lombard Memorial Hospital, Udupi:

This hospital was started in the year in 1923 by the Swiss Lady Dr. Miss Eva Lombard , This hospital served the women folk of the whole district of Dakshina Kannada , at a time when ladies were not allowed to be seen by male Doctors. Now this is a 200 bed general Hospital with all basic facilities and a community health section . The A.N.M. training run by the hospital since 1964 is upgraded to a General Nursing Course from 1981, with an annual intake of 25 students. The hospital is striving to keep pace with the new trends in medicine and medical equipments, in spite of the strong competition around.

Redfern Memorial Hospital ,Hassan:

This hospital was initiated by Mrs. & Rev. Ernest Redfern and started by Mrs & Mr. Newham in 1906, mainly to cater to the needs of women and children. Now this has grown to be a general hospital with 160 beds. The hospital was running an A.N.M training course now upgraded to General Nursing Course with an annual intake of 35 students..

Higher Education Scholarship Committee:

Every year about 300 Christian students are being helped by way of scholarships for Professional Courses like, MD, MS, MBBS, BDS, M.Tech, B.E., M.Sc./B.Sc. Nursing, B.Pharma, MBA, CA, B.Ed. etc.; Academic courses like M.Sc., M.Com., MA., B.Sc., B.Com., B.A., etc.; Technical courses like Polytechnic & ITI Courses; and Vocational Studies like Nursing, Lab. Tech, D.Pharma, T.C.H., NST, etc. after SSLC by the grants being received from the Kassel Education Fund.
This committee also has a wing for Vocational Guidance to the Christian scholarship recipients and students preferably from 7th Std. to Degree Courses, especially for the students in Diocesan Schools, Boarding Homes and Day Care Centres without any discrimination of caste and creed. Guidance work involves aptitude tests, providing vocational and career information, arranging career talks & exhibition of career photographs, charts and posters. Wherever needed career counselling is arranged.
For the future of the scholarship programme in the Diocese an Endowment Fund is created in the name “Higher Education Fund” and the same is grown as follows:

Rev.Jung & CEF Kassel Contribution. Rs.. 11,48,385.24
Balance amount from Scholarship Fund 2,00,000.00
Contribution from local donor 3,00,000.00
Amount collected by the Committee from various sources 47,73,365.00
Contribution from confirmation candidates 2,51,796.00
Balance in the fund as on 31-3-2015 63,97,861.77

Care for the Aged:

Christa Sevakee Ashram, Parpale, Karkala:

This institution possesses a Home for aged men and two Homes for the aged women. Around 50 aged men & women, who are either orphan, deserted or poor are being catered to here. The institution completed its Golden Jubilee of Yeomen Service last year. Now due to lack of financial resources the management is finding it difficult to cater to the needs of the aged people to the complete extent. Fostership grants from individuals will definitely help this institution to cater to needs of the aged. This Ashram is also functioning as a Self-Employment Training Centre, Centre for Retreats & Conferences, and as a Short Term Stay Home for deserted women and women in distress.

Chikka Premalaya, Home for the Aged Women:

Chikka Premalaya, Home for the Aged Women, - Due to shortage of inmates, the Home has been closed. Remaining two aged women were transferred to Parpale Ashram.


Propsed Paranjyothi Andrews Home for the Aged at Karnad, Mulki - Late A. E. Gojaer and late Mrs. Paranjyothi Andrews gifted land at Karnad, Mulki measuring 1.10 acre for the purpose of running a Home for the Aged. A Committee has been formed and Plan is under process to carry out the project..